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Hi, my name is Hanna. I want to achieve big changes in this world. I have a passion for working with women and I hope to touch the lives of every woman that I am blessed to work with.

I'm a passionate advocate for self-love and fitness for all.  My biggest passion in life is to help women realise that they have a unique role to play in this world, if they are willing to show up authentically regardless of their shape or size. I'm also a passionate activist for bringing down the walls that keep women small, that prevent us from taking up space and claim our greatness and autonomy. A lot of that bull sh*t is perpetuated by the diet industry.  I'm taking them down. I am here to tell you that you don't need to lose weight to be a woman of value and to contribute boldly in this world. I coach women who are tired of simply existing and need to genuinely live, and women who need to elevate each part of their lives, from fitness to mindset and everything in between.

I’m a writer and a personal trainer, a photographer and a storyteller. I love to write and inspire.  Most of all, I want to squeeze as much enjoyment out of life as I possibly can and that includes being proud of being thick and strong, giving my inner goddess permission to be feisty and fearless and to spread my message of body diversity and self-love wherever I go.

You too can live the life you desire, with purpose and intent, you can be free in your body and comfortable in your own skin, and you can have solid, meaningful relationships.

I will show you how.


My Services

From online coaching, retreats and workshops to Self-love Photo Shoots, I have a service that will undoubtedly make you feel better about yourself and your one precious life.

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What Is My Online Awake & Revive Program?

An online coaching program to equip you with tools like effortless eating, getting physical in a way that makes you feel alive, loving yourself and caring for your body to achieve a healthier state. It is possible to live free of the pressures of diet culture.

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Inspiring Articles

Read my blog to find some inspirational articles that will show you that it is possible to live a life of wellness, without restriction and getting to a place of true self-love and acceptance without all the confusing do's and don'ts.. 

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My Approach

I teach women how to love their bodies and empower their lives. As a self-love mentor and life coach, it is my mission to help women stand in their own power.


 I finally realised that being grateful to my

body was key to giving more love to myself.  

— Oprah Winfrey



Some of the women that I trained and who has taken part in my online body image program share their experiences here