Hanna Elliott, Personal Trainer and Life Coach, Self-Love Mentor and Wellness Advocate

Hanna Elliott, Personal Trainer and Life Coach, Self-Love Mentor and Wellness Advocate

Dear Friend,

I know you are tired. I know you are weary from the constant war against your body. I know that you have tried everything you can think of and still you are left defeated and without hope of ever loving the body you feel trapped in.

I was where you are now. I fought the war since my teenage years. Hating myself came naturally to me, I felt betrayed by a body that I was unable to control. Yet deep inside I always had a distinct impression of a butterfly being trapped in a cocoon and that I was meant to be so much more than what this body of mine was allowing me to be.

My insatiable hunger was fuelled by various stories I taught myself to be true and even though I had short spurts of successes with weight loss, I would always pick up the weight again when I reverted to eating the food that “normal” people seem to eat without guilt or weight gain. After a failed marriage, my emotional eating and weight spiralled out of control to the point of morbid obesity and being very insecure and uncomfortable in my body.

It was only after doing a lot of working in (as opposed to only working out) that I came to a place of being able to forgive myself for not seeing the truth about my marriage and also forgive myself for the decade of self-neglect that followed my divorce. You see, taking care of yourself and your body is the ultimate form of self-love and without that love and kindness towards yourself it is virtually impossible to sustain any form of transformation. Mind Body, Soul, it has to be holistic and integrated.

I teach women how to love their bodies and empower their lives.

As a personal trainer and life coach, it is my mission to help women stand in their own power. Each woman has her own unique interpretation of what that power looks like – to me it essentially revolves around practicing authenticity, ownership, and self-love. I teach women that we all have the power to define ourselves and to change that definition anytime we choose.

Along with getting physical, my program is also designed for you to have feeling experiences. My goal is to keep you out of your head and in your body, which might be a new practice for you.

A core tenet of Body Bolder is that everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you. Punishing, blaming, or treating your body as separate or less than your mind or your soul is something we all learn to do, and we suffer because of it. By choosing to honor your body as much as your mind and your soul, you say no to that suffering.

I know this space is sacred to you and I’m honored being your companion on this journey. I am also excited! I hope you will make a start!