Body Bolder Manifesto


My promise to myself

  • I promise to take care of my body in ways that are meaningful and I make a commitment to unwavering love and radical self-care. 
  • At this very moment, I promise to respect my body in its current state even if I wish to change it
  • I ground myself daily through body conscious practices that keep me connected to my feelings both emotional and physical.
  • I promise not to judge and belittle myself when I struggle and make mistakes in my self-care practices. Challenges provide opportunity for growth and I will therefor not judge my worthiness according to how well I succeed at every goal
  • Because I take my health serious, my efforts go towards making improvements in my mental well-being and my physical energy.
  • I realise that I don’t have to make all the changes I want at once. I have all the time in the world to get to an improved state of being.
  • My relationships with the people closest to me are more important than trying to please everyone. I trust my tight circle to provide me with support and care and I reach out when I am in need.
  • I realise that a stressful life is the main reason for ill-health and I commit to do whatever I need to do to curb my stress and nurture myself. 
  • From this day forward I promise to become my own best friend, my confidant, my caregiver and my most trusted advisor. I promise to listen to my body’s innate wisdom as it communicates its desires to me. My self-talk is therefor gentle and kind, nurturing and loving.