Body Image Online Coaching


Regardless of your background, shape, size, fitness level, weight, genetic predisposition or waist size, you can make an immediate and sustainable change to your life, starting today.

If you want to.

Ultimately life comes down to choices and we are all responsible for what we do (and often do not do).

What you will not need to do:

  • You will not need to spend 5 hours a day on some suicidal treadmill program becoming the next gym bunny.

  • You will not need to starve yourself to death on some 1 200 calories a day fairy Godmother diet, weighing every morsel of food that you eat.

  • You will not need some special secret formula, from some specialised diet guru, of fat-burning pills, that will make you feel worse off compared to when you started.

  • You will not need to spend most of your salary on gluten-free food or some surreptitious eating plan, available to only a supposed select few.

  • You will not have to feel like a stranger in your own body or become obsessed with your bathroom scale.

This is not some theoretical postulate based on logical 101 text book content, written by some first year college student.

This is a practical step-by-step program devised and developed by someone who has walked the talk.

Someone, who understands that progress is more important than perception, and that ultimately holistic coaching will rewrite the narrative you have developed about yourself. Permanently.

What I will show you is:

  • Feeling powerful about yourself comes from the inside, as opposed to the outside. It is related to how your body feels, and not how your body looks.

  • That improved fitness naturally translates into dramatically improved health, and that even moderate exercise can save your life, literally.

  • How to become active and make exercise a regular discipline, even if you hate exercising.

  • How to stop feeling permanently exhausted and run down, and how to eliminate the aches and pains you take for granted.

  • How to install and maintain the effective self-discipline you need to change your body image, and life, forever.

  • Why emotional freedom is not defined by the size of your purse nor the size of your waist.

  • Why being a body image victim is a choice, and how to understand that your perception is your reality. And how to permanently change that reality for the better.

If you want to make a permanent investment in your emotional and physical health I will take you by the hand and empower you with an 8-week Body Bolder Program, designed to accredit you in terms of who you deserve to be.

This program is a weekly interactive and instructive course that offers the following:

Coaching videos

Using video, I will chat to you about the strategies that I have found to be most effective on my own journey towards healing my body image. I will gently guide you towards finding the insights for yourself to make this a permanent part of your being.


We all need connection to others on the same path to give us a sense of belonging and support. Knowing that you are not alone in your quest for healing and growing can oftentimes reward you with a connection to kindred spirits. A private Facebook group will provide you with the opportunity to vibe with your tribe.


Once a week I will do a live Q & A in the private Facebook group where you can literally ask me everything. It will be an hour of interactive coaching, and questions of any nature are welcome.

weekly articles

Each week I will send you downloadable reading materials based on the theme for that week. These are based on my own research and personal experiences. Some of it will be practical and actionable and some of it will be raw and inspirational.


I have found writing to be the best tool to evoke introspection and promote healing. Some of the most prominent people in modern society use journaling as a way to rewrite their narrative and become more powerful in every aspect of their lives. Through asking questions and providing you with prompts, I will guide you to discover the root of the things that are limiting you, and realign it to enable you to empower yourself.


The distance between your dreams and reality is called action. Gandhi said it best: “The future depends on what you do today” – a simple but universal truth. This program will provide you with the strategies that you need to change the way you see yourself, take care of yourself and express yourself so that you can ulitmately stand in your own power and start living an extraordinary life.



For bookings or information:

If you are ready to change your life for the better and keep it changed, simply fill in the email form below and send it today or email me for more information and pricing.