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why do a real bodies photo shoot...

As a photographer, my inspiration for wanting to give women the experience of a "Real Bodies" photo shoot only came after finding body confidence myself.  It has been a lifetime journey for me to realise that the body I have right now is to be celebrated with all of its flaws because every dimple, every stretch mark and every fat roll tells the story of my life at many different stages.

We are constantly changing and evolving, no one is the same person now than when they were 18 years old. How is it then that we expect our bodies to stay the same or conform to the narrow beauty standards that we are bombarded with in the media?  

Beautiful woman, do you understand that your body is the ultimate symbol of the ebbs and flows of every experience, both physical and emotional, that you go through in life?  You would hardly expect your mind to stay unaffected by trauma and life changing experiences, your body is no different. In fact, your body is absolutely remarkable for being able to carry you through all of these events. 

When I see photos that are so obviously photoshopped and edited, I wonder what the hell they are really trying to tell us? It's hard enough to find a feeling of beauty when you are a woman. And then you look at these models, even when some of them are plus size and you think to yourself, hell, I don't look like that. And you never will. It's fake. It's not reality. It is hours of professional make-up and more hours spent on a computer program. It is so important to me to be an advocate for natural, real, beauty. For what women really look like. Because we are beautiful just the way we are, no B.S. required.

I believe that every woman should have the experience of feeling absolutely confident and fabulous. Doing a REAL BODIES photo shoot with me will give you that experience. Though women are encouraged to embrace their natural beauty, I also know what it does to a woman to wear something beautiful and to have her hair and make-up done for a special occasion. This gives you that opportunity if you so desire. Or you can show up as natural as you want to be. Women have the right to look how ever they want to look. I want to celebrate YOU! I have yet to meet a woman who was not blown away by what I capture through my lens. All bodies are beautiful and deserve to be photographed. 

I can't wait to shoot you!