This will be the first year that I did not feel guilty about the Festive Season. And I have no new year’s plan that involves a new diet. I love what you have done to my mind and I hope you will be inspired to continue your work.
— Barbara Schreuder

Happy Clients


Hanna, I am so happy our paths have crossed. You reminded me of why I started this journey. To love myself and be at peace with my body. The biggest value I get from being part of this online group is the lesson you taught me about the importance of being in a state of constant awareness. Sometimes we go through traumatic experiences and we prefer to not acknowledge the emotions but rather blanket it with food. Thanks to this programme and being part of your support group,  I'm wearing shorts and vests confidently now. We are enough as we are. Beautiful beyond size.

— Nicola Cafun, Cape Town

My life transformed when I joined the Hanna's online program.  

From the age of 28 I was on an emotional roller coaster with my weight struggle. Since I joined Hanna’s programme, I made a 180° flip, right off this roller coaster. She taught me how to choose my own direction with emotions, helped me to release what made me feel uncomfortable and insecure and grow as a person towards unlimited happiness. My weight loss is still a mammoth task ahead, BUT with her help, my self-image and relationship with food changed tremendously. Now I look forward to a daily routine of exercise and a life of conscious health.  

I could give you more superlatives to describe Hanna, but suffice to say that if you are looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself, your potential, your inner compass towards health, physically and emotionally and help towards your natural weight without diet and restriction, look no further than Hanna. She will always tell the truth and tell you what you need to hear. Her perspective on weight loss is a blessing.

— Carli grobler, cape town

I have never felt so free about food ever in my life. My mindset has changed completely. I have bad moments but not bad days. I enjoy what I eat and listen to my body about water and food. Hanna, not only do you help me with my body battles,  but also emotionally. You inspire. You believe in all of us. Your way of doing things is certainly different BUT much needed. This program is changing my thinking all the time and I am so glad I have invested in myself. I ❤ the program...facing demons...facing and owning my shit. Don't ever stop. It will take time to change but change is good.

— Barbara Schreuder, Pretoria


I would just like to thank you for your amazing 8 week programme. At the start o this, I was desperate for some guidance on how to get back to a place of feeling good.

As we started out together - I could see that this was going to be totally different from anything else I had done before and it was going to be life changing.

It was exactly what I needed at this time in my life.I am now a much more confident person and a lot more happier in myself.  You have a wonderful gift of touching people's lives and helping them with their individual needs.

I am so looking forward to continuing on this path and thank you so much for everything you have done for me. 

— Heather Byerley, Johannesburg

Training with Hanna has been an amazing experience for me. I love how strong I have become in only 6 months since I started. I have more energy, I sleep better and I don't need to ask a man to help me move furniture! I am more than capable on my own, thank you.

— joan Shore

Before meeting Hanna and learning more about the body positive approach to health and fitness, I felt a bit lost and overwhelmed. My whole life I have been looking for the holy grail of weight loss, hoping to find the magic pill that will transform me forever.

Hanna made me realise that the magic is not in the transformation itself but in the realisation that I have been a butterfly all along. Changing the way you look at yourself in the mirror everyday, changing the way you take care of yourself and talk to yourself will pave the way to a remarkable love and a beauty that is truly beyond size.

Hanna, I can't thank you enough for being my north star.

— Taylor Knowles, United Kingdom